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A Station Beyond is a story driven dungeon crawler for the 2024 Dungeon Crawler Jam.  Made in unity with a handful of friends, we brought together the following themes :

  1. Infinity/The Endless
  2. Ancient Ruins
  3. Solitude
  4. Cosmic Horror

We incorporated these themes, as well as the prompt of a grid-based dungeon crawler into a nonlinear narrative focused game with a vivid and unique art style.

the team:

Lead designer - Jake Hatt

 Bass, Writing, QA, General Chiefly Vibes - Chief

Development - Chris Godber

Music - Popp1e - Jack Poppleton

Story premise - Warru - Warren Smith

Worldbuilding - Ramp P. Skateboard

Additional artwork - Jam

Dev support - Mike H

Reminder: This game was made in one week - a full version is in the works which addresses some QA concerns. Bug reports can be left in the comments for this project.

Known Issues:
Poor grammar due to me typing at breakneck speeds in order to make the submission time

There is an issue in which the player controller stops working when you go to the menu and come back. the project is fairly lightweight so we recommend quit to OS and restarting if this happens


StationBeyond (2).zip 59 MB

Install instructions

1) Download .zip file 

2) open "A Station Beyond.exe" 

3) have fun

4) give us a good score :)


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Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing!